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Friday, July 18, 2008

18th July week

This week, on week to go, we're off back down to Dover. We are staying just north in the quiet town of Deal. The pilot recoemmended I was around a few days before and a week or so after so of there is a chance to get away, then we'll be ready to go. Most of the tides next week are early (highs at 0130 to 0430), so a night swim is looking likley, as we should set off 2 hours before high tide. Sponsorship has been rolling in ata good rate, we are nearly at 4k now, and the 'guess the time' book nearly full. Both extremes here - I have a 7 hrs 30 and a 17 hrs on the list. To be honest, I'd be happy with the 17.
Also exciting news, I have been invited up to Rock FM this morning, so should be able to give a good plug.
I also did a 'farewell' swim in the reservoir yesterday morning, and was treated to pouring rain for the experience and fond memories :)


Rob said...

Its all really coming together now Pete! I think your efforts and preparations are truly fantastic.

Looking forward to seeing you in Kent, on thursday, fingers crossed re the weather!!

Paula K said...

Good luck Pete from Paula, Matt, Sam and Leah....We will be thinking of you, and we love your pink swimming hat!!! Good luck Lesley too as it is almost as hard to share chocolate as it is to swim the channel. Love to B & C. x

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