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Friday, July 25, 2008

25th July evening

Hopefully today was the final lap of honour in the harbour. Spoke to Fred at Folkstone, and he was confident that we will be underway on Sunday morning. Perfect. Meeting at the boat at 4am, means that I'll be in the water around 6am. The forecast gives light winds, and reasonable temperatures
Time now to go and rest...and eat....sleep....and eat a bit more!!
Left - mutually exclusive to channel swimming - the perfect activity for waiting for the winds to die down! Right downtown Deal...lovely town

We all spent a few hours at Dover harbour today. While I did my lap, Lesley came out in the canoe with Chloe and later on with Rob and Brandon. As I swam, I could see Brandon and Chloe fighting over something at the back nearly tipping Rob and Lesley in :) Quite a hairy moment on board apparently. Ah the blissfulness of swimming.

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Rob Fernall said...

OMG - all a bit too real now.. I'm getting butterflies and I'm just sat at my desk!

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