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Sunday, July 27, 2008

He's done it!

Pete has finally managed to complete his Channel swim, he's standing on a beach in France now. We still need an official time, which I'm sure Pete or myself will put it on later when he finds out his time.


Anonymous said...

Well done Pete - you are amazing! You have truly earned your purple badge now! What a way to celebrate turning 40 - though personally I prefer having a mini! Enjoy the trip back - at least you can take it easy now! Love to you and all the clan from Steph, Emily, Bridget & Jonathan xx

rob Fernall said...

Hooray hooray hooray - you are the ultimate star Pete - a fantastic inspiration to all and especially Brandon and Chloe. Rob joined you in spirit this afternoon swimming in the Thames but didn't even make it to the other side and back - scared of the ducks or something !!
Pete well done - absolutely amazing.

Love, Annabel etc.

rob Fernall said...

Bonjour...actually I was scared of Annabel (not ducks) she told me not to cross because she was looking after both kids (or something lame)... so here's to your amazing achievement and obviously a more supporting wife than I have who wouldn't even let me swim 50m across the Thames!

Word up matey!,

Rob, Annabel, Eleanor and Alice...

Al said...

Well done mate!!!A thousands congratulations for making it. The training and preparation has paid off, now bask in the glory!
Stoked for you,

PS. C'mon... now you can tell everyone, it was the song that got you there!

Emma Bailie said...

Absolutely brilliant - everyone at Rock FM's Cash for Kids salutes you! Hope you can come in with some piccies, everyone at Rock would love to see you again.

clare chadwick said...

Well done Pete - What an amazing achievment! Everyone at Rock FM are so thrilled for you - all looking forward to seeing you here again! Congratulations,


Anonymous said...

Congratulations Pete on a fantastic achievement.

Your proud brother,


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