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Wednesday, July 23, 2008

23rd July - On location at Deal

Well into the week of the holiday/final preparation. Not quite gone to plan as I managed to pick up a cold from somewhere which is stubbornly lingering on. Last night would have been possible but there was a very strong tide. Tonight may be on, but I am at about 90% recovered, so won't be too upset if we get a delay of 24-48 hours, even better if the weekend were on that would be perfect. He has 2 other swimmers on his list this week and next, a girl from the USA and a chap from Wales next week, so hopefuly this offers good flexibility.
I swam off Deal last night for 30 mins or so, and felt better for it. The current ran strongly on an ebb tide along the coast - I swam to the pier and back, and it took 5 minutes to get to the pier and about 25 mins to get back 'upstream' to Lesley and the kids!!!
It was nice to get 'wet' again and the water was lovely.
Today has been a scorcher sunshine wise as we ambled around Folkstone, and had a long chat with 'Fred' the pilot. I think he's great and he has a straight no-nonsense attitude to the crossings. I have 100% faith in him now, which is important as you need to do what the pilot tells you, and I will - no question!!
More to follow after talking to Fred at 8 after the weather !!


Fernall Family said...

OMG - it is so complicated worrying about weather, tides, personnel. Really hope your cold gets better in time. Hope you arrive in daylight as you hoped to - its awesome what you are doing! A great inspiration to your god daughter, who says "Beet mimming vewwy lonn wray" - if you can't work it out you've got plenty of 'strokes' (ooh-er missus) to work it out :-)

Pete, we can't wait to hear all about it. Look forward to hearing updates from Jamie during your swim.

You are a star, a legend, and a fine gentleman.

All our love

Rob, Annabel, Eleanor and Alice

Mark said...

just found your blog
will have a good read later
be in dover this week
hope all is going well
when do you go and whose your pilot
no doubt that is in the blog somewhere I know!

bets wishes

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The Ressy at Horwich
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